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3…is a magic number

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Just when the whirlwind that was Christmas is a distant memory along comes Jonah’s birthday #3.

 To start the day off the monkeys were loaded up and off for a visit to their primate pals…at the zoo.

Jonah’s entourage was larger than normal as the M family joined our celebration.  It was a beautiful day to be out and about.

He pretty much smiled like this all day – not just when riding a large bison.

After a good snooze on the ride home it was time for the only thing Jonah wanted for his birthday (when asked)…cake with Mickey Mouse candles!

Of course other gifts were also popular…

His vocabulary increase every day – he’s explaining to Harry Mickey’s choice of occular fashion coordinating with his sweet mode of transportation.

Opening presents is serious buisness

He got a “ticket”… to college

Still loves to pose for pictures

Jonah would like to remind everyone that two is so last year, now he’s:

New Country for New Friends

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Friendship is a very important thing to the Grilliot family new and old.  Amazing that we had to move to a new country to meet this awesome faimly that lived just minutes from us in Texas.  Thankfully a common friend of ours let us know about each others move.  Two girls just about the twins age, just minutes after they met they started running around playing tag, they all got along great!

Last week we got to hang out with the girls for an evening playdate, a little white chocolate fondu for dessert kicked off their giggling, crazy night

After dinner we headed to the show…that the kids made themselves.  It started out as a puppet show but quickly turned into a crazy dancing party right away

Jonah was the videographer

I overhead the girls telling the boys they were going to play house at one point and that Logan would be the dad and Jonah would be the baby of course.  To which Logan replied, “Oh I think I rather be a Jedi Knight”…I think it rubbed off on the girls.  Jedi Knight –  Dad…all the same in my book.

After filming they still felt creative so we headed to the art table for some quick masterpieces while the movie was being uploaded

We cracked open a tube of glow sticks for a bit of lightpainting too.  FYI you can keep kids occupied with lightsticks for hours! 

Then after painting it was show time..

**Parental Guidence Warning** You will get a very upclose and personal view of Isaac’s tonsils…

Z Family we are so glad you are here, it is definately making this Canadian experience a lot easier eh’!

Welcome to our new home…

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Hey glad to see you found us, TexasGrilliots is now officially apart of the world wide web.  So what does that mean for you?  Well hopefully a site that is easier to navigate through.  For me it will be easier to blog and to manage. So welcome aboard! Stay awhile and let us know what you think!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009







Well happy Easter everyone! I hope you all have a blessed holiday. I am signing off till after this weekend, I have a jam-packed one ahead of me, Grandma and Grandpa are coming tomorrow!! Isaac and Logan’s first Soccer game Saturday morning, Boys Birthday Party Saturday afternoon, Easter dinner at our house on Sunday and not to mention getting the eggs dyed, house cleaned, ALL my laundry done, Holy Thursday Mass (where Father washes feet!), garage straightened up (it needs it bad!) some new spring flowers to plant in pots, Good Friday service (benediction of the cross), Easter Sunday Mass (best day of the year in my book!) and Oh yeah we bought a bag of ladybugs today to release in the butterfly garden! The boys are thrilled! I will be sure to document it all and take as many pictures as I can…get ready David and Dora! 🙂 But really is there anything better to photograph than the fun a grand kid has with his grandparents? I can’t wait! Hugs to you all, Family and Friends and even those I don’t know…Virgina? I love getting comments!