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Weekend Full of Fun!

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
Veggie Tales Live
I don’t think we have had a weekend so full in a long time. We started out our weekend on Thursday night to see Veggie Tales Live, here is the ending of the show.

“the interview”

Fort Bend County Parade

Every year the students of Fort Bend county get a day off from school to enjoy the Parade and the County Fair, the boys and I went and watched the 2 hour long parade full of county officials running for office in their “cool” cars. Of course this truck looks almost identical to the one Harry had several years back, I took a picture for him but it unfortunately represented the Democratic Party.

VOTE Republican!!

Dulles Dolls…my high school rival!
Birthday Cheer
Sunday was my sister’s 40th birthday, we had a small dinner party at my house Saturday night in honor of her…this is the table lit by candle light.
My Mom made the cake, it was 4 layers with raspberry filling between each layer, it made the cake start to fall but who cares, it tasted fantastic!
Last Astro’s Game of the Season
Aunt Amy and Uncle Mark sent a surprise gift to the boys in the mail, great tickets to the last Astro’s game of the season and new shirts and Astro’s hats!
This game was so cool, This was Brad Ausmus last game as he is retiring, here he just hit a home run, 3rd in his career and how cool to do the last one on your very last game.I was able to get a close up as he comes across home plate to high five Castillo.
Logan Cheering them on…Berkman up to bat…can you see the ball he is getting ready to hit?Logan and DaddyBoys and Mom, we were 23 rows behind the Astro’s Dugout, very good seats, Thanks Mark and Amy!!! Isaac wiped out after the game
Yep, Logan was tired too!

Fall Potted Plants

Monday, September 22nd, 2008
Ornamental Kale, Dianthus, Black Pearl Pepper, Riviera Sky Blue Lobelia

More Ornamental Kale, Century Blue Phlox, Amata Pink Garden Mum.

Amy, Here is the fall mix we have out on the porch, pots are so much easier than a large garden, especially when time and energy are always of the essence!

Playing at Meme’s

Sunday, September 21st, 2008
Logan resting on Meme’s porch swing…
Logan’s Kool-Aid Face

Isaac’s serious look (I think I told him I had a lady bug on my nose so he would look at the camera)
not in focus but, I had to include the famous “Pirate Face”

Went over to my Mom’s this afternoon since the boys asked to go play at her house and I got some more photos of the boys playing in the yard, they had some Kool-Aid this morning after church…hence the red mustache’s. We bought my mom a new point and shoot camera for Mother’s day so she gave me her old camera which had more button’s than she wanted on a camera so lucky me I get to get some great shots. Yes Laura, it is a lower F-Stop, I have this really cool Macro setting on the camera that I can get great close up shots and throw the focus out of the background with out having to worry about all the settings that are too complicated for a mom chasing around 4 year old boys to think about!

Playing in the backyard….

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Baby Grilliot

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Did not expext to get this today, how cool I get to see my babies face before it is born!