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Jonah Harrison – 7 Months

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009


  • ok everyone say it with me, “He is SUCH a GOOD baby!”…yep still a true statement
  • Crawling, crawling, crawling
  • loves to put his brothers toys in his mouth…sorry I & L, your worse nightmare came true
  • raspberries are now a household noise and a way to communicate that brings on a ton of laughs
  • this photo is how he usually looks, laughing all the time.
  • took his first airplane ride this past weekend, flew like a champ.
  • finally enjoys food, especially yogurt
  • discovered the wheels on a car today, he was playing with one of the twins toy cars and just sat there spinning the wheel and looking at it very intently…great another one of those kids!
  • sleeps great, plays great, eats great
  • This is going by WAY too fast for me. I wish parenting came with pause buttons, and “instant replay” and sometimes even a volume button…but it doesn’t. Every moment is fleeting however we’re enjoying every minute of it!

Summer nights = Family Baseball Game

Friday, July 24th, 2009
My sweet nephew all the way from Las Vegas is in town. Funny, charming, handsome are just a few of the words to describe him….


We decided to get the family together to play a little ball. Half of the guys wore flip flops, no one could hardly pitch, and not many of us wanted to run the bases, but we had some pretty good hitters!


My boys had a blast and did not want to go home after playing for two hours, guess we need to look into putting them in little league in the spring.


We are always thankful for the times we get to be with family. Thanks for a great night guys, we had a blast!


Bedtime Stories

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Now it’s midnight little one, time to go to sleep!


Wedding Ideas

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

This is too funny not to share…If you know my neice, this would be something SHE would do at her wedding…this has been floating around on Facebook.


Sunday, July 19th, 2009
Trying lots of new stuff today. This was my first attempt at studio lighting, set this up right in my family room!


I joined a photography club on facebook and I suggested the first meet-up around the corner from us at the rail road tracks where I took photos of Grandma and Grandpa. It rain on us, but we had a blast, if you look very closely you can see the rain drops falling here


And here is one of my new friends, Ms. J whom is a talented professional photographer, I had a great time learning, talking, shooting, posing in the rain with an umbrella (probably not the smartest thing). It was great to talk to all these people and although I have never met any of them prior I felt like I knew some of them for years! Can’t wait till we do this again. Hopefully not in the rain…


summer heat

Thursday, July 16th, 2009
Texas summers are miserable…especially in the south. My car thermometer has not dropped below 103 in over a month. Humidity is no friend of mine…or my naturally curly hair. By the time I get the kids packed up in the car to go somewhere I am sweating so bad I could use another shower. A breeze would be nice, anything other than the stagnant humid heat that lives just beyond my front door…can’t tell I detest the weather here can you?

However, after about 7:30pm it cools off to a nice 98 degrees making it somewhat tolerable to head out.

We grilled the other night, while the boys played in the yard. (Polenta, Spicy Turkey Sausage and Bell Peppers)

Slip n slides are a great way to cool off and water the brown spots in your yard at the same time!

Logan has taken up rolling himself up in his t-shirt to roll around in the yard like a ball…

Commissioned but not for hire…

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
Isaac and Logan are all about making pictures for anyone and everyone. It is their way to give a gift of themselves. They put a lot of thought into what they make, usually some form of transportation drawn in your favorite color. For my birthday I asked them to create a masterpiece for our house…









And here is the finished product displayed on our toy room wall, it’s pretty cool if you ask me!

and because he is not painting yet, here is a little “Jonah Art”


Heather – 29 Years….

Friday, July 10th, 2009
…give or take.

So in honor of my special lady on her special day a special blog all about Heather.

Heather was born in Houston on July 10, 19 somethin. Here she is about Jonah’s age, cute runs in the family

Fast forward to the 90’s, here’s Heather’s rock star senior picture. This one will probably cost me an night on the couch, but I like it.

Fast forward again to ’00, Heather decides to sign up for the gruelling fall season of church league flag football and meets up with the monster from the Midwest, the galloping goofball, me.

Luckily for me she stuck with me longer than she did with football! This was a truly awesome day. Seems like just yesterday, but if that’s the case then last night was a wild one!
Wedding Goodbye

Fast forward to now, I did manage to sneak the camera away from Heather on the 4th and ended up with a good picture of her – which is only surprising due to my photography skills, I am learning by proxy though

Here’s what we know about Heather:

After 7.5 years of being married to me I love her more than the day we got married, and amazingly she still keeps me around.
She’s an awesome mother to our 3 crazy boys, if you want to know more about this then read the next 1,000 posts or so
She’s a crazy good photographer, again read on
She’s going through bicycle withdrawal although photography keeps her mostly distracted, once it cools off that’ll change
She hates the heat in Texas (who doesn’t!) even though she’s lived here 90+% of her life
She loves Jeep rides through the forest…oh wait that’s me but she’d come along if she can bring her camera and bicycle
She has more creativity than I can keep up with
She’s a great friend, not just to me either
She’s has truly a generous spirit

Here’s a little video we put together – Happy Birthday Heather, we love you

Fine Print – All photos and video were not edited, taken, approved or reviewed by Heather Grilliot Photography.

***UPDATED to add our Godson***

From Happy Birthday Heather & Harry

Jonah Harrison – 6 months big

Thursday, July 9th, 2009
This is long over due but I managed to find a little time to post about Jonah 1/2 a year old….

Finally sitting up on his own! He had been sitting up when we would prop him up but he is now sitting himself up. I love going into his room after his nap and finding his little head poking up over the crib, I can’t see his mouth but I can tell he is smiling…then the squeel follows.

Super hugable, super sweet, such a good baby. Haven’t heard that before have you?

Loves eating solids finally, some of his favorites are mashed up avacado’s, banannas, carrots and baby yogurt. I am trying to make all his baby food I think we will start on more green food next week.

Definately enjoys riding on Daddy’s shoulders, he cracks up while smacking the top of Harry’s head. Still thinks his brothers are pretty cool too, he is so funny the way he laughs at them. Has not got into too much trouble eating the boy’s toys, which was a big concern for Logan.

He has the crawling thing almost down, he rocks back and fourth on all fours and is reaching out with one hand but just has not put lets and arms into motion…just yet.

Sleeping through the night still but sleeps with me for an hour or two in the morning since he wakes up to eat around 6, it is still nice to have him to snuggle with.

Love my family

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Summer is nuts and our days are crazy…do you know how hard it is to keep two 5 year olds entertained all day long? Grilliot day camp is coming along but it doesn’t seem like enough. Days are spent making up games, playing Thomas the train, monster truck ralley’s with library books propped up (you gotta have something for the trucks to jump off of!) yes we read the books too. They will probably go through a reem of printer paper before the summer is up making drawings to hang on the wall or to give to each other mostly. We are reading a chapter of Charlotte’s Web every night before bed. Being that it is so terribly hot here we only really go outside to sweat it out to drive to or from TaeKwondo, or in the evenings when it finally cools down to a nice steamy 95 degrees. I took these photos on Fathers Day evening.

but I love each and every one of my boys, Isaac’s silliness and charismatic charm..

Logan’s tenderness and unbelieveable compassion…

Jonah for his peaceful disposition, happy smile and little giggle. And of course Harry’s patience and never-ending respect for me.

Our family is priceless, irreplaceable and is the gift that God gave to Harry and I, for that I am thankful for everyday. It is chalked full of temper tantrums, graham crackers, skinned knees, laughing, slow moving when we need to be somewhere fast, fruit snacks, Band-Aids, spilled milk, tickles, missing shoes, lots of laundry, hugs, tears and family prayers at the end of the day. I tell Harry almost every day…I love my crazy life…and I do, I really do.