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1…a preview

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

my 1 year sneek peek…more to come


I think I woke the neighborhood!

Monday, December 28th, 2009

ok well if they were actually sleeping I would have woke them. Yours truly had her “out-do-my-husband” photo featured in a contest on one of the best blogs out there…


Check it out!!!!!!!

I’m gonna go scream some more!!!


Merry Christmas Everyone

Saturday, December 26th, 2009
Photobucket Season’s Greetings! In the spirit of Christmas I (Harry) took over to send a special message out to the world. The picture above was taken by me with my trusty Sony and edited in MS Paint. Lego construction by Isaac & Logan.
Silent Night – all’s quiet on the home front. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.
Did you really think she’d let me get away with it?
Apparently as I was setting all this up Heather was watching in amazement – trying not to laugh.
Here’s Christmas day in Chronological Order, you are spared my photography for the rest of the post.
Here’s the dynamic duo at 6:30 in the a.m. – that was more than 16 hours ago, all three boys have only been out for about an hour.
They had already been up, out to the tree/stocking/surprise area (OH MY GOODNESS and LOOK AT THIS right outside our bedroom door, hard to sleep through that) and then bless their hearts back to bed because it wasn’t morning time yet. Jonah woke up too so Christmas was on like a pot of neck bones!

That is not their normal 6:30 a.m. expression on school days.

Isaac asked Santa for (among many other things) a remote control robot. Wall-E here fit the bill perfectly.
Wall-E is a hit with the whole family – Jonah dug it.
Stocking’s unstuffed – here’s what the tree above looked like this morning.
Jonah still checking out Wall-E
Jonah getting brave and trying to make Wall-E go
Logan told Santa he wanted (also among many differnt things) a rocket ship, not one that flys in the air but one he could play with. It’s not that the boys asked Santa for a lot, they just kept changing their minds. Mom & Dad had a few “uh-oh” moments but in the end it was all happy smiles.
First Christmas – so many non-edible things to try and eat, so many new robot friends, so many new things to play with…
New Pirate Underpants to go with the new Pirate Comforters. AAARRGH!
The boys have been struggling with words like CAR and ART – sounding out the A and the R was not working out. I told them AR sounds like what Pirates say (ARGH) and now they get it every time. I would love to see the look on there teacher’s faces when they explain that one.
Hello Robot – I come in Peace
Jonah did dig his own presents too…he’s really likes playing with our cell phones lately, I’ve tried non-working and toy phones but they’re not the same. I think he found a phone of his own now.
Practicing talking to Grandma…

Later in the afternoon with another new friend…

Second place to Wall-E for best Christmas present – a box of Goldfish!
It was a tremendous day for the Texas Grilliots – we are blessed with 3 wonderful boys and the whole day was wall to Wall-E fun.
There are many more pictures, Heather will be back in the saddle shortly.
Of course this wouldn’t be complete without a proper interpretation of the Lego Christmas theme. Not only does she make me look bad photgraphically but she throws in Baby Jesus to make me look like a heathen too!
Holy Night
All is Calm, All is Bright
Good Night!

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Sunday, December 20th, 2009


The Christmas lights were installed on the Casa de Grilliot today, a bit more subdued than last year due to the late start. We’re off for a light tour tonight, complete with scavenger hunt list. Play along in your neighborhood, reply with the tally.

o Santa
o Train
o Reindeer – Bonus Redneck Points for Red light anywhere but in the nose.
o Nutcracker
o Bear – Not Polar
o Snowman
o Jesus
o Mary
o Waldo
o Race Car – Bonus Points if Santa’s Driving
o Snowflakes
o Angel
o Penguin
o Polar Bear – Bonus points for drinking a Coke
o Armadillo – Look Out!
o Ho!
o Ferris Wheel
o Snow – Bonus points for real
o Snow Globe
o Drummer Mouse
o Elf
o Presents
o Star
o Rocket Ship
o Van
o Helicopter
o Jeep – Super Mega Bonus Points!
o Candy Cane
o Osama Bin Laden
o Peppermint
o Texas
o Pick-up Truck – Bonus Redneck points for Beer Cans in the Back
o Christmas Tree
o Mickey Mouse
o Dalmatian
o Gingerbread Man

o Triple Bonus Point Score for a Menorah

Feliz Navidad!

2009 Christmas Recital

Friday, December 18th, 2009


My funny little men and their funny little friends. They had a blast singing together last night. They sang songs with new lyrics to the oldies songs like:

It’s the Time of the Season (for Christmas)

Mary’s Baby (to the tune of the Beach Boys Sherry Baby)

Woke up the Mornin’ (feelin’ fine got Chistmas presents on my mind…)

After this crazy week I could hardly get them up for our last day of school this morning, most of last night went something like this…


I need a nap, they need a nap. Harry, I want sleep for Christmas ok?


So happy to just stay home tonight, we’re not going anywhere. Our Friday fun night is going to be a simple one. Locate every Christmas book we have, light the fireplace make hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles on top then snuggle up for story time. I really hope everyone wants to sleep in tomorrow.

And because I don’t want to leave the little one out…here is his new outfit from his Great Grandma K, can someone make sure she sees this? (oh and please excuse my messy house!)

Visions of Sugar Plums….

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009
What is a Sugar Plum anyway?

well according to Wikipedia: A sugar plum is a piece of dragee candy that is made of sugar and shaped in a small round or oval shape

Ok…Got it. I wanted to make sure I knew what I was talking about here.

So my little blog has been quiet because of….well, sugar plums. We attempted this weekend to make our own gingerbread house out of a kit we bought at the grocery store. It had major flaws and ended in a sticky half eaten mess.

Friday night we went to see my niece dance in the Nutcracker, it was simply amazing. The boys have been dressing up at the Rat King and the Nutcracker and fighting each other to the death since then. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a good sword fight.

This is the last week of school and there is so much going on that there is hardly any time to take pictures or blog about it. Ok…well I did get my camera out today for round two of our gingerbread houses. This time, school was in charge with a little help from the room moms.


Logan loved that I was there to help but not so happy that I had to run between two classes to help out. He could not sit down when I would go next door to help out Isaac’s class. In fact, either one of them could sit down all day, I think they were on a sugar overload…

Here is Logan’s house


And Isaac was very good at icing the entire house…yes that big glob of white is all icing…

Can you say SUGAR PLUM???

It’s been a long week already and it is only Tuesday, we have lots more before they are out on Friday. But hopefully….hopefully we can kick back next week before Christmas and Jonah’s birthday for a little R&R.

I might even get to sleep in…ok that is just crazy talk now. Nevermind.

Oh and a big thank you to my Mom for coming up today. Do you know how hard it is to make meringue icing, pass it out, take pictures, slap on a few candies here and there, smear more icing on a roof, run back to the other class to see if they need more help all while trying to hold a wiggley almost 1 year old who keeps sneeking a lick or two of icing? Not easy!

I think she was sneeking a kiss to her sugar plum!


Elf Sighting!

Monday, December 7th, 2009


Snow? In Houston???

Friday, December 4th, 2009
Yup sure did! This is a once in about 5 years kind of thing. It started snowing on the way to school this morning and after dropping of the kids I stopped at the grocery store, when I got out the temp had dropped another 10 degrees. Now I’m sure all you northerners have no worries about driving in the snow. Me on the other hand? I worry about all the other drivers on the road so I headed back up to school and checked the boys out for the day. This does not happen often so we headed home and have been playing in our winter wonderland all day.

They were so excited they could not be stopped.

This went something like this…

Me: “Logan stop!!!”

Logan: “Bbbwwwaaa Haha ha ha ha ha”

Me: “Logan don’t you throw that at me…”

Logan: “Ha Ha ha hahahahahahaha!”

Me: “LOGAN my camera!!” Oh cripes he is gonna hit me with that…

So I ran


The rest of the afternoon went much like that. I have more pictures to share and ofcourse of our AWESOME snowman…stay tuned!