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Summer Days

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Although our summer in Calgary feels much like an extended spring back in Texas we are loving the opportunity to get out and not pass out from the 100F degree temperatures (or would that really be 37C)

It has been great to take advantage of the public transit here…Harry might disagree but there are not many Grilliot boys that don’t love trains…

They love going to the Zoo and since we have an annual pass we can go whenever we want.  The boys end up hanging out in the butterfly exhibit the most

And J-Man enjoys listening to the information phones, in-fact he is a phone-fanatic…don’t leave yours lying around.  He just might call England, oh wait Jonah…the Queen of England is already here, ahhh we like to kid!  

Just a few random shots from this summer…

wow he has a lot of “little brother” shirts!

We are taking advantage of our time in the mountains, you know to pose like a “Jedi” while balancing on a fallen tree in the woods

Isaac is doing great however with his broken arm.  Cast comes off in just a couple weeks

And my sweet Logan,

I think summer is over today, tomorrow’s high is suppose to be in the 50’s!


Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

tap, tap, tap…ummmmm is this thing still on?

Yup we’re here. Summer has been BUSY! Stay tuned, more to come…