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Back to Canada

Monday, May 30th, 2011

This is gonna be a long picture heavy post..

It was completely necessary to return to Canada last weekend to celebrate Victoria Day on Monday (as good an excuse as any!)  Tickets were too good to pass up and my sweet niece (whom I will call K)  just completed her first year at college so less than 24 hours after she and her dad packed up the last bit of dorm life we were on a plane heading to Calgary for a whirlwind two days to play.  We (or should I say ‘I’) waisted no time in getting up at the crack of 6:30am to head to the mountains.  I do remember the days when that was a very odd time of day to be awake after all you just went to bed like 3 hours prior.  But like a good sport she sat in the passenger seat and took ahold of one of my cameras and started shooting.

Don’t take my picture, check out that mountain over there.

Ok smarty pants

much better

(below) this is my favorite mountain…anyone know if it has a specific name?

So we first headed to Lake Louise and to a great surprise it was still 80% frozen, yes my Texas comrades, lakes freeze up here in these parts!

And here is my niece, I gave her a few pointers on photography and she just let her creativity take off

great job here, K!

K, Who is this guy?

She insisted on shooting this bench, cool perspective K.

Then back to Banff where the water was flowing…

So, what was in the hole?  HA!

Great rocks.

Wanna tell me how you got the light to do this?

It is so strange having my picture taken, I’m always the one behind the camera.  Nice dirty look don’t you agree?

My turn

So after I took a couple pictures of K in the mountains  we headed downtown Banff for some street photography.

Here is what I got.


Ahh a Longhorn in Calgary!

what can I say, I’m drawn to bikes

and just in case you could not tell, I set my camera to aperture priority, shooting JPEG, monochromatic.  They are all straight out of the camera hence the crookedness of many of them.

I was able to pull a little stealth photography on K buying a toothbrush…yes that was her big souvenir from Canada

I felt bad I was not there to explain Canadian currency to her but she figured it out 🙂

A now for K’s take on street photography

I love this of the little girl..

These guys were fun street performers

see, I’m not the only one who likes to photograph bikes!

I frown a lot!

love the puppy shot

And I had to end it on “Mountain Man”  K this was one of my favorite picture you took.  We saw this guy everywhere, up on the mountain then downtown several times.  He was backpacking across the area, at the end of the day we were disappointed we did not photograph him.  I think you captured this perfectly, the backpack, the street performers, the mountain and the map!

Thanks for a great weekend kiddo!

My Assistant in Training…

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Have a happy weekend!

Welcome to my home…

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

So having friends all over the globe it makes it harder to invite people over for coffee…especially ones that you have coffee with even over the phone.  (Hi Holly!)  Returning to Texas and moving back into our home felt good but still we left a part of ourselves in Canada, we loved living in Calgary.

If you don’t love it, get rid of it has kinda been my moto for home decorating, along with less is more and a place for everything and everything in it’s place. But more on all that later.  I wanted to share my new photo wall in our entry way.

I had a ton of unused frames that were various different colors.  White spray paint took care of that.  It’s not so much the group that I love but what is in each one of the frames.  Everything on that wall has a special meaning to me.  There is room for a couple more frames and I have already switched out a a couple things.  But I’m happy with the final arrangement.

Photographs I took while living in Calgary, Harry playing the guitar down on 17th street so I could test out my off camera flash techniques, and a friend sent me a gift that was wrapped up in that red fabric.  It was the perfect splash of red to add to the mix.  Everytime I look at it I think of her.

photos from our trip to Niagara falls last summer…

Isaac painted the earth, Jonah eating a Crave cupcake, and a ceramic crucifix we bought in Italy for our 5th year wedding anniversary.

Ok the Grilliot side of the family will appreciate this, when Harry and I first met he had (a-hem) arranged a “date” for us that I really had no idea was a date. We both had plans that Sunday to go play flag football after mass.  He offered to give me a ride if I needed one.  Lots of people were going.  My friend and now our long time friend and awesome insurance agent invited me at the last minute to join him at the Houston Grand Prix.  Hanging out with a friend, being a spectator at a big event which was catered with our VIP passes sounded a lot more inciting than getting tackled by young adults who took flag football WAY too seriously.  I was never the contact sport type of gal.  ANYWAY!  Harry thought I “stood him up” it was over.  He was done.  I had to apologize and buy him a sandwich that night at Quiznos to make up for my lack of consideration for his generous offer of a car ride of over 3 miles.  Love you babe!

The wall needed a grand gesture for the three munchkins living in the house, but instead of a photo here I just created this in Photoshop with their names, birthdates and special words to them and had it printed up.  Instant art!

This is our happily ever after was also something I whipped up in Photoshop.  Photoshop is so cool.  Below it is a poem my best friend Amy wrote for me right before I completed my first MS150.  For those who are not familiar with the MS 150 it is a charity cycling ride from Houston to Austin, it is a long two days with a very sore butt at the finish line.

I have foot prints for both of the twins.  They were born at 34 weeks and these super tiny imprints have been hiding in a drawer for the last seven years.  It was time for them to have a proper display.

🙂 Photobooth pictures of my Mom…how old were you here?  Like 16 or something Mom?

and the boys mock photobooth pictures

So there you have it…one photo gallery wall!