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Friday, June 24th, 2011

I take a lot of pictures, most of which I ditch because I have become so critical of my own work and don’t think I have anything worthy enough to share.  I’m trying to change that and reserve that level of critique for my clients images.  The boys are photographed on a daily basis and there is so much I really need to share but don’t always have to the words to go along with the images.  Excuses, excuses for my lack of blogging.  I’m trying to get better folks

So here are my not so perfect images from our back yard Father’s day bash…It’s hot here but we managed to enjoy the evening outside!

Checking In

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Today is our 4th round of treatments for Isaac’s new injections to help him battle his allgeries.  For those who don’t know Harry and I made the decision along with our amazing doctor to treat Isaac with a drug called Xolair.  Isaac receives three relatively painful shots every other week to help him combat his “off the chart” reactions to a multitude of allergies but mostly, oak.  Who would think that an old tree what covers most of south Texas would cause a little person so much grief.  Our Dr. told us that Isaac probably has never felt “normal” like you and I do, he is constantly battling eczema, breathing issues, eye irritation along with exhaustion and headaches that accompany most allergic reactions on a daily basis.

So about six weeks into our treatment I’m happy to report that he not only looks much better but I know he is starting to feel better.  He has a ton of energy which he spends creating his beloved “art projects”  They are all over my house.  We are able to get outside a little more and not fear him getting so sick.  We have a long way to go but I think we are finally on the right track.

Happy 37

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Happy Birthday Harry, you have done so many wonderful things in your 37 years.  We are so thankful to have you a part of our life.  I love you!

P.S. Thanks David and Dora!

New Patio

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

After three years of much planning and decision making we finally decided on how we wanted to extend our patio.  We love that our home came with a covered area but the 10×20 space was still a bit too tight

This is a picture from when we moved in so you can see where we started out.

Although we knew we wanted more space we did not necessarily need more coverage.  We have great shade in the morning and in the evening with the way our house is positioned so this is what we came up with.

The awesome folks at Pattern Pro Concrete did a  fantastic job helping me plan out the design and their installation process was fast and very professional.

They added in the extra square footage one day then came back to complete the stamped overlay so the entire space would have a continuous look.

We now have space to actually sit and enjoy eating despite the spiking temperatures here in the south.

We eventually will add ceiling fans and extra lighting but until then I found these lanterns and hangers at Hobby Lobby on sale, We throw a citranella candle in them at night to cast away mosquitos and they send off a soft glow.  I think I paid $8.00 for each set.

And I have to include my helper here who was watering the flowers for me this morning.