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Monday, August 22nd, 2011

So much to say about saying nothing at all.

This is the last of my vacation pictures post as is the most relevant to me.  I love photography and all aspects of it, but I am drawn to portraits of people.  They haunt me in a deep way, capturing a moment in time that we will never get back again.  It is how we learn about each other and get to know who we were then.  The photos open up a porthole of the person and story behind them, I am intrigued

It is important to me to get to know my family .  The only way I know to do this is to talk to them, ask questions, dig deeper.  That doesn’t sit will with some people I realize.  Perhaps it is looked at as me prying into something they believe is none of my business, I’m not sure, those people don’t speak to me anyway.  Conversing opens up the heart, the mind and sole.  It is a journey of discovering who we are, drawing us closer to one another.

I asked my dad for some photos I knew he had of my Grandparents for my birthday to add to my photo wall, which kick started my quest to search for images on Harry’s side of the family as well.

This is my Grandpa working at Memphis Light and Gas, he worked there most of his life.

I was eighteen when he passed away.  He was the only grandparent I knew, to this day I feel like I hardly knew him.

Years followed, and I lost two brothers, an uncle and my nephew Brian.

It is important for me to know as much about the people I love so I can pass that on to my children.  It is how we valadate their lives by remembering them, I can’t do this if I don’t truly know them.

Do you know the story of how your parents met?  When they started dating? Became engaged?

It’s a good story, go ask them.

So here are a few of the treasures I scanned while I was visiting my in-laws.  These are worth more to me than some will ever understand.

Harry’s, so beautiful

Harry’s Dad while serving in Vietnam

Right after they were married.  I love this image

Their life, love and marriage of 38 years is such a treasure to me.  In addition to the mystery of their four boys.  It is a gift that will be passed down to my children and someday hopefully theirs.

On the First day of Second Grade…

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

just a little excitement here

Logan at his desk..

and Isaac, he was very worried about being organized with all his supplies

after drop off Harry and I took J-man to breakfast.  He was still tired and not up for having his picture taken..

and as a Grilliot tradition we had our after school milk and cookies a little extra special for the first day of school.

Along with a couple new books including a knock, knock joke book that Isaac can’t put down.

Knock, Knock

Who’s there

Oink, Oink

Oink, Oink, Who?

Are you a pig or an owl?

Summer Vacation Part Duce

Friday, August 12th, 2011

So after a few days hanging out with the family the kids were ready to tackle Grandma and Grandpa and torture Uncle Punk on their own.  Harry and I headed for the hills…

…in the form of Purple Mountains Majesty. And majestic they were

It was a whopping 70 degrees when we arrived, and it was a welcome relief from our southern heat

We stayed at Pikes Peak Paradise Bed and Breakfast in Woodland Park, CO.  This was the view from the front door..

This house was amazing and the view was speculator.  Nestled among trees, completely secluded in an amazing aroma of nature.  I wish I could bottle that along with the cooler weather and take it home with me.

The weather changed every afternoon and the mountain would be engulfed into the clouds completely disappearing.  It was like God was constantly changing the image, so beautiful.

Our awesome host (who I failed to get a picture of) has completely updated the house in his four years of ownership.  In addition to being a gracious host he is an amazing cook, tour guide, decorator and artist.  We loved every minute of our stay.

The altitude here is around 9,000 ft – for our Canadian friends the TOP of Sulfur Mountain (Banff Gondola Destination) is 8,000 ft

So we headed out on our adventure that day to climb to the top of Pikes Peak…by car of course.  Before you read on you have to promise not to divulge to a certain rental car agency.  Below is a video we filmed on the way up – running commentary was not PG-13!

Jeff Zwart – Pikes Peak Hill Climb 2011 In-Car from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

we made it all the way to the top….almost.    Three miles from the very top was literally in the clouds.  I was not a fan of driving along the edge of the mountain with ZERO visibility so we flipped a u-ey (about the 10:20 point in the video) and headed back down

We hiked for a bit, until that sky fell on us.  I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my camera getting wet for the sake of “roughing it”..

So we headed to the half way point to let our brakes cool off and check out the gift shop.  (Nerd Alert! They actually make you stop and use an IR temp scanner, you can’t continue if the front rotor is over 300 deg)

We really need to start photographing these more.  Everywhere we go, there we are sitting right next to each other on a shelf…I wonder if some married couple named Jeff and Jennifer or Gail and Gary notice these dorky things like I do.

Probably not.

Does anyone know the name of these weeds?  They were enormous.  You know if you have to be a weed, you might as well be the largest and ugliest one you can.

The aspen trees are so beautiful.  I can only imagine what fall looks like here

The next day we headed to Seven Falls to climb a bucket load of stairs and check out the waterfalls in Colorado Springs, CO

It was much less peaceful watching Harry trying to climb the rock…

At the top we found a little cave to crawl into…

The climb up was nothing compared to the climb down…

Our climbing role models

So once back safely on the ground we headed to Manitou Springs to walk the streets..

Yes this tree is wearing a sweater..must have been a Texas native tree

iPhone 5 coming soon

Remember the movie BIG starring Tom Hanks?

So after a great mini-break and visiting Harry’s Aunt we headed back to the farm.

We did stop to smell the sunflowers…well they don’t actually smell, they were ready to go to sleep for the night but we managed to capture a few shots anyway

I hate my hair here I just wanted to show the scale of these massive flowers

And for those of you not priviledged to drive around the mid-west, here are just a couple images of what you see on the roads…this is just one blade for the windmills that generate energy.

We were about 20 miles from the farm here, the wind was picking up and the sky was looking ugly.  I was convinced those were funnel clouds…

And finally the road to the farm…or as the twins call it, their neighborhood.

Kansas/Colorado Vacation Part I

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Ok perhaps this will be my most picture heavy post yet, there were so many images that I wanted to include as they will not only continue to embarrass my brother-in-law (which is always fun to do) but there is so much I wanted to share.

Going to Harry’s family farm for a city girls is…well, yeah it is fun 🙂  I love to dive into the world of my husband’s life of cleaning grain bins, sorting nuts, long rides to town and reconnecting with his family, especially his parents.    Harry and I took the boys the the farm and stayed for a couple days before heading out to Colorado for a mini-vacation for the two of us while Grandma and Grandpa so graciously took care of the boys.

This is part one of my three part post for this years visit to the farm.

The County Fair was also going on this past week so we took the boys to check out the animals, tractor pull and farm rodeo.  The 4H exhibit animals were just as interested in my camera as Jonah was to them.

This is Harry’s youngest brother, I’ll call him Uncle Punk.  He was kind enough to walk around with me laughing at the random things I pointed my camera at.  In addition to having a contagious laugh, he tells it like it is and is always quick with a smart alec come back.  Thanks for being a good sport to hang out with me Uncle P

Clearly my “stealth” photography moves were not working here as this lady’s body language told me how she felt.  I must have walked past her three or four times to capture a quick shot of her.  I loved her glasses, had to capture her…wasn’t until I looked a little closer that I noticed her hand gesture.

I sat in on a bit of the live auction, this guy kept pointing towards me as a I photographed him screaming out higher and higher numbers, thankfully he was pointing to the guy directly behind me.  It’s a good thing because TSA would never let me take that goat on a plane

I got a few dirty looks too…


check out the wonder in these little guys eyes as they watched the tractor pull

Grandpa participated and won the second round.  I however was rushing Isaac to the hospital after he fell off the bleachers…I was convinced he broke his arm.  He was fine but Isaac, Grandma and I missed seeing him participate.

Some tractors were loud..

So the next morning was the parade that Grandpa drove one of his tractors in.  This was Grandpas loot that he threw from atop his tractor.

Jonah collected about 80% of it

Checking out the goods he collected

That evening we headed back to town for the bar-b-que dinner and Farm Rodeo

Logan’s “Walrus look”

Yes, I’m immature like that.

Really should have worn my boots, I’m from Texas after all, but I’m still a city girl at heart.

For some reason it is a sport to tackle a cow and milk her in the middle of a big pin.  I think the guy pulling her tail was confused…

to be continued…