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Fish Eggs

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Well that is what I told him he was playing with at least.  They kinda look like them…and feel like them too!

So little man is big enough now not to put everything in his mouth, I mean he doesn’t eat sand or other stuff I put in his make-shift sensory boxes.  These are Jelly Balls that are used for floral arrangements, you can find them at any craft stores.  I found these at Michael’s for around $3.  They have a variety of colors and  are originally the size of about two tablespoons of dried seeds. We soaked them in a large ziplock and after about three hours these three teaspoons full of seeds turned into all of this!

He had fun “cooking” with them…

and making cupcakes!

They are wet and seem to have a “bouncy ball” effect if they get a little force behind them.  He played with them for over two hours before deciding he was ready for the next color (blue) which I talked him into playing with tomorrow. Which by the way is his new favorite word.  If he doesn’t want to do something…he says he will do it tomorrow. He gets that lovely procrastination trait from his dad. 🙂

So the fish eggs..err…jelly balls will last for as long as they have water, they will shrink back up if we let them so for now they are being stored back in the ziplock bag until next time.

Oh yeah, he said this one was Nemo.

Fish Eggs = Big Hit