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Things I don’t want to forget about Texas Part 1

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Long title…more like, the good bad and sometimes really weird.  While packing up the office I came across a hand written list of all the things I did not want to forget about Canada…like standing in lines of over 10 people to pay for my two items of groceries while there were several employees standing around who could open up another lane…but didn’t.  Canadians apparently like to wait.

Texans however…it is way too hot and one might get eaten up by mosquitos if you stand around too long.  Unless you’re sitting on I45 on a Friday night trying to get to the Cynthia Woods Mitchel Pavilion for a 7pm concert that you are already late for….even though you left TWO hours ago.  Yes we like to sit in our cars here in Houston.

Speaking of cars…anyone know what is up with the new trend to write obituaries on your back windshield out of shoe polish for your loved ones who recently perished?

I’m all for knowing where your kid plays baseball or attends Tae Kwon Do,  that they were an honor roll student at the local elementary school and how many kids, dogs and cats you have but I’m not sure about the honor of loved ones written in shoe polish on your back windshield.  Maybe its me.

This is one of my top things to never forget about living in the deep south…our lovely heat.  I took this last week!

And if your are in the market for a car…go here, no credit checks AND no BS!!

More times than I care to count this one either comes home from school or from playing outside looking like this.  No fun, I never want to forget this. His allergies are off the chart here and we only hope and pray that this will subside once we get a little more northeast.

Speaking of moving a little more North East it is official that we are relocating to Greenville, SC.  We were blessed to have sold our home here in Texas and after a quick trip we found our new home in just two days!

Yup so here we are in front of our new home, all six of us.  A very odd tradition we seem to have, when we buy a new home we tend to add family members, early November to be exact.  Another boy?  Maybe a girl this time?  Either way lots of exciting things in future for the Grilliots.

Stay tuned, I will add some more love for Texas!