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Entry & Living Room Tour

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Boxes are long gone and on their way to being recycled, we are down to only a handful to unpack.  We wanted to update you on what we have done so far…

Entry Before

And today,

The rug is new, I found it at HomeGoods for $19.00!  Looking here it seems sorta small for the space but it does trap 80% of the dirt the boys drag in from outside.

I love how much light comes in and that I can leave the front door open due to the glass door that stays locked all the time. I often find Jonah here spying on birds and chick-monks in the front yard.

Yes there are still pictures that need to be hung…(still haven’t decided if I want that one there or not.)

And in front of that mirror and lamp you can see into the family room.

Which looked like this a couple weeks ago…

to this today…

We are in the process of finding the right curtain/curtain rod combo.  The previous homeowners had left some rods that we tried to use but they were too thin and sagged a lot in the middle.  We want to put up three panels, which I will update when done…I also have plans for a new white slipcover to go over the red floral chair and ottoman.

Our flat screen lives in this piece of furniture (below), it is on a lift system that only has to be out when we are watching it.

The picture above the TV stand started out as a much smaller version (in the form of a necklace!) that my BFF Amy had bought for me on one of my MS150 tours.  I loved it so much I bought this one to add to our wall!  Still one of my favorites…I can’t wait to get back on my bike one day!

The two images in far left of the above picture are a couple of self portraits of the twinzies

Above the couch I added some images that use to hang in our old entry way.  I love the colors!

and on a whim I decided to spray paint two old lamps I had stashed in the attic, amazing what you discover you have lying around when you move!

more to come…

SC House Tour

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Well hello from the east coast!  Yes we are here, no we did not get buried in all our hundreds of boxes from Texas and yes I finally did get my computer unpacked…among the last things but unpacked none the less!

House shopping in SC was super easy thanks to our great agent Felicia Griggs (shameless plug here) and our wish list was simple but pretty firm.

1. Older home (no more spec cookie cutter houses please)  We or should I say I desired a bit of character in our new abode.  The option to enjoy the mature trees in an established neighborhood

2. 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 car garage.

3. Both formals (although we would not use them for their proper layout)

4. Big basement for the kids to be banished to play freely in.

5. large yard

I absolutely think we found exactly what we wanted.  Yesterday marked two weeks into our new place so I will start from the beginning and give you a tour from our place the day we got the keys, which also is the day the movers showed up from Texas to deliver 15,000 pounds of loot we have seemed to collect over the years.

Entry Way

(opposite wall)

Stairs leading to the bedrooms

(bonus for the boys we have two sets of stairs, one up and one down)

Family Room

this room leads into the entry way and the formal dinning which we have reclaimed as our office

opposite wall

Lovely chandelier will hopefully be removed soon, Craigslist here we come!  It’s not so nice as it seems to smack Harry in the head all the time


So leaving the office if you look left you see the kitchen, and then to the right what was considered the “den” we will use this as our dinning area

opposite wall of the Kitchen

Downstairs full bath off of the kitchen

Beyond the bath hall is the sunroom

Twins Room

Upstairs is all 4 bedrooms and 2 full baths

Jonah’s Room

3rd bedroom

Boys bathroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bath


This is a huge “L” shaped walk out basement, the patio right off the basement leads right to the 1/2 acre back forest full of lightning bugs (hooray!) and poison oak (boo!) we get to tackle this summer

The boys wake up and head down here and get busy playing…


There were many bonuses in what was included in the home like the massive deck off the back which almost stretches across the length of the house, sprinkler system to water the weeds, original hardwood floors in great condition, updated kitchen within the last couple years, front porch, secret paths in the yard that lead to special little garden areas, backing up to a church…no rear neighbors, being 9 minutes to Harrys work, 6 minutes to downtown and 12 minutes to be in the mountains on a lake relaxing.

We have lots and lots of ideas and projects in the works for this home and I plan on documenting them here so you can keep up with where we are with our very large project.  We have a majority of the boxes already unpacked and this week I will show you room by room what they look like furnished and some of our short and long term plans for the new (old) Casa de Grilliot!