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Sunday, October 28th, 2012

So THAT’s why they call it fall…the trees we planted in Texas, most of which came home in the back of a Jeep, did lose their leaves in December, but they weren’t enough to warrant raking (Charlie Brown Christmas Trees).  We’re getting the full experience here in SC.

The boys kicked off Saturday morning clean-up carving tracks through the 3 inch blanket of leaves in the front yard.


The big Maple with the sun shining through in the previous post is the big contributor, it’s about 1/2 way done sheding leaves (the boys raked it last weekend too).  After a little play time it was down to business, everyone pitched in.

80% of the crew – we picked up 2 extra rakes along with the one we had in TX, plus the blower and the broom AND Jonah with the garden rake, good workout for everyone and a big pile on the street (thankfully the garbage company does yard waste pick-up every other week, we’d need about 100 bags or a truck)

Once the work was done (for now) it was play time again – big piles of leaves are made to be jumped into, right?

If a pictures worth a thousand words, this one says “BAD IDEA” 500 times…

What good is a bad idea without follow thru – check out the big air! 

And he sticks the landing!

The Russian judge was not impressed, but the high and low scores are thrown out anyway – a solid 0.7!


No premanent damage suffered – we avoided having to tell Tank the story every year of why Daddy was wearing a cast when he was born. 

For Grandma

Friday, October 26th, 2012

This morning we got a picture from Grandma and Grandpa’s farm showing the first snow of the season freshly fallen upon their yard.  Thank God for moisture for the wheat…hopefully this comes at a good time!

I quickly realized that although we never really experienced winter in Texas that it could creep up on us here in Greenville before we know it.  I have spend lots of time outside lately just watching the leaves fall on our yard.  I had ordered rocking chairs for our front porch and just the fact that we have a porch to spend time on here is part of the charm of living in the south.  Everyone takes advantage of that here, kicking back and just taking it all in.  I rather be someone who sits on the front porch more than in front of the TV or Computer.

Jonah and I responded to that picture of the farm and decided to tackle putting our rocking chairs together ourselves while the twins were in school.

He did most of the work, and although I tightened up all the bolts he put lots of muscle into it.

hammered in all the finishing pegs…

And cheered himself on for a job well done.

So thanks for the inspiration Grandma, here are the views from our front porch…

I love the view from our new rockers, everything changes so fast.

but I’m happy for the moments to celebrate them all…

Room for a Little One

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Everyone in the Grilliot house has been busy preparing over the last couple months for our new family member.  I honestly can say that I think this new Big Brother is one of the most excited.  The twins rate his arrival right up there with getting Halloween candy (a pretty popular topic these days).

We decided as a family that since the twins share their room and Jonah was in his room alone he could bunk up with his new brother –  at least for several years until we figure out who get’s their own room one day.  For now everyone is happy to have a roommate.

My goal with our 4th child was to be economical and end up with the least amount of stuff possible.  With each baby experience we tend to overspend and the mass of merchandise get’s moved along so quickly as babies grow so fast.  I’m sure whoever ends up with the donations appreciates it.  We recycled stuff we already had or were able to buy from thrift stores most of everything we needed.

Jonah and Daddy added a fresh coat of paint, replaced all the grungy old electrical outlets (built in safety covers!) and Mommy refinished the door hardware.  Interstingly you can see the green in the pic above that was there when we moved in, it’s not too different from Jonah’s old room.

I was able to talk my sweet husband into painting vertical stripes on three of the walls, it was the first actual attempt of something that we’ve discussed for years.  Observe big brother is his native habitat – nose in book (can’t complain too much about that)

One of the few things I saved from Jonah’s baby days was his crib.  It was gifted to me by some very special friends and it also served as his big boy bed headboard back in Texas.

Daddy’s helper was there for every step to lend a hand – third time putting it together (Texas, Calgary, and Here).

 He is dressing himself these days…including the tuque. The climate in the house was more suited to shorts that day.  I promise I have introduced him to napkins too.  His shirt is just more convenient.

So since we no longer had a headboard for his bed I happened to stumble across this at our local Miracle Hill Thrift Store.

Hidden among the other headboards this brass one was the perfect thing for his room.

For a whopping $25.00 it was mine…

I relied on my old favorites again – Rattle Can!, this time using the Oil Rubbed Bronze.

It has a very simmilar look to this bed from Pottery Barn but without the $700.00 price tag..

After two coats here is how it turned out…

The finish turned out great, I love that spray paint.

Our next little project was to come up with a mobile for the baby.  Jonah made 95% of the stars.  We punched them out with a star shaped cutter,

from various different scrapbook papers,

then I fed them through my sewing machine to a string of stars like this

We took a walk in the yard, found a branch, spray painted it white and added the stars.  It hangs over the babies bed and when the AC or heat kicks on it slowly moves on its own.

One splurge that I had wanted for this baby was a nice glider rocker.  After all spending time nursing requires you to sit a lot with your baby in a quiet spot. This was Harry’s gift to me.  It is super soft and comfortable, I know I will spend hours here.

I added my own little lumbar support in the form of a pillow from scraps I had lying around.  I found a font I liked and blew it up, printed them, used Steam-in-Seam to cut out the letters and iron them on.  I added a simple stitch around the letters too.

My sweet sister sent along the throw for the baby as well, it has security blanket written all over it.  Thanks Annie!

We put the baby’s bed right in front of the window, this is his view as he wakes up in the morning…Attention Texas – this is what Fall Color look likes!

The animal heads were collected in Canada representing some of the animals we actually saw while living there  (I had the moose head for awhile).  My sister gave us the bible quote that has perfectly found a home in both nurseries in Texas and now this one.

It reads:  “All your sons will be taught by the Lord and great will be your children’s peace”

Isaiah 54:13

The floating shelves were lying around – I had them hanging in our family room in Texas.  They now flank each side of the crib to hold special little collectables.

My Mom had saved a copy of my favorite childhood book Corduroy, my love for it shows.  It got framed and is proudly displayed next to Jonah’s bed

We’re ready for our little one…can’t wait to meet him on Tuesday!

Thanks Felicia for his sweet little bunny!

Random Confessions

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Keeping it real. In no particular order…

When I don’t feel good or things get stressful, I don’t blog much.  Confession #1

I took this about an hour ago.

2.  I can’t get over how the leaves are changing here in the Upstate.  The colors and light alone that HE has made just for our enjoyment I seriously can’t get over.  I love living here.

3.  I have yet to really blog about my 3rd pregnancy.  We are all excited about our 4th baby coming.  I hate writing about myself and especially hate posting pictures of myself so the fact that you are seeing this next image is huge…no pun intended. (insert fat joke here)

We grew a lot in the past month.  I’m 13 days away from my scheduled c-section.  I never made it that far before but  I’m taking it easy…as in I’m holding down my couch for hours out of the day.  This seems to be helping.  It has been a great pregnancy.

Speaking of pregnancy, my very dear friend and awesome new Priest, Fr. Alvaro gave an amazing homily on Respect Life Sunday at his parish in Houston.  He is so real, funny, and always manages to relate the readings to today’s society.


4. I’m hooked on the History Channel, which occupies my time while lying on my couch.  I have an unhealthy love for American Restorations, Pawn Stars and my favorite American Pickers

Last night was the premier of the Men Who Built America.  This is reality TV I can get into.


5.  Jonah draws a new face of the baby on my tummy daily…this is also a favorite “lying on my couch” activity, we do manage to read some books and sword fight.

6. J-Man is such a good boy.  I had mixed feelings about his arrival before he showed up.  I felt in some way I would be taking a part of myself away from the twins.  How could I have possibly loved another person that I did not even know like I loved the twins?

I have those same feelings this time.  Prior to getting pregnant, my prayer was for help to be a better mother.  With no doubt my answer from God was to have another child.  I love this answer.

7.  I know there will be enough of me for all of them.

8.  I don’t like talking on the phone. (loved ones and friends please don’t take this personally)  I hate the phone, the truth is that I could talk on it for hours but then that means everyone in my house suffers because nothing would get done around here or I’m not paying attention to little ones around my feet.

9.  My i-Phone is my favorite camera these days.  My poor 5D spends way too much time on the shelf waiting for me to pick it up.  I have a new subject moving in….it will get used soon.

10.  Many, many projects are on standby in the house until I am fully recovered from my C-Section. But there are some temporary adjustments that household members are enjoying…

like the beer fridge in the family room.

I think it helps him tolerate the History Channel with me.

12.  Harry is the best husband in the world.  He is so patient and helpful to me and the boys.  Work is very busy right now for him but he always manages to let us know we are his numero uno priority all the while managing multiple projects at work (and home) traveling for work and picking up the slack.  Thank You, Harry.

You Rock.

13.  My wardrobe these days has resulted in wearing Harry’s old t-shirts as they are the only thing that are comfortable…especially when I run out of clean clothes.  So, I took the boys to the dr. the other day wearing this…

Don’t you think the Dr. thinks I’m a great parent, three kids, pregnant and wearing a Moonshine T-shirt….from Booger Hole, WV.


Like I said, just keeping it real.

I know I owe many of you phone calls, e-mails faxes, pigeon messaging etc.  We’re here, just getting down the the wire before life gets that much better.