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Summer Week 1

Thursday, June 13th, 2013









School’s Out for Summer

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

3rd grade complete? Check.

Summer bucket list complete? Check.

Jonah thrilled to have his brothers home every day and not wait for breakfast after drop off in the morning?  Check.

Wrapping up 3rd grade while staying on the Honor Roll all year?  Nailed it!!

Mr. Isaac got A-B Honor Roll for the year

Logan got all “A” honor roll…

along with a special Art Award he is super proud of…

They really had a great year and although they still miss HRCS, they made lots of new friends and embraced their new surroundings.

this was from their first day of school…

And today….I love how proud J-man is of his brothers…

Another year down.  They really do grow up too fast.

Happy Summer Everyone!

Mountain Mad Mud Run 2013

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Well I officially kicked off my summer much different this year than in the past.  Taking advantage of more than just the sights of the Carolinas I joined my MAD brother-in-law in one of his crazy mud run adventures.  Joining us was “T” one if his coworkers and his roommate, Kathy.

Not sure what I was getting into, which was probably a good thing, I only had hopes of crossing the finish line.  I warned them of my pre-existing slow and unprepared condition, the mud I wasn’t afraid of.  Good thing…

There was lots of different kinds of mud.  Brown mud, black mud, chunky mud, sloppy mud, wet mud, deep mud and the occasional questionable mud to complete our “boot camp” like tasks in.


For the most part all the challenges were pretty doable as long as you kept up with your team, this would have been tough by myself

I kept up, or they slowed down for me…

Had I known about the 200+ bags of ice they had in the bottom of this dumpster dive, I would have bailed on this one.

The participants were pretty fun, we saw lots of teams wearing tutus or some kind of costumes.  Like the Mud Queens who stayed in character throughout the run complete with a “queens wave” right out of the woods

My favorite were the super-heros…

But our group was pretty cool too.  I was so grateful to my new mud running buddy, Kathy.  Yup, we showed that mud a thing or two!

Along with my very patient brother-in-law and Mr. “T”.  Thanks Eric (I really did have fun!)

It was super fun, really.  There is something exciting about slopping around in a mudpie to make you feel like a kid again.

and speaking of kids, ours were pretty disgusted with my accomplishment.  They just didn’t quite understand my choice in “unwinding” activity

But I was super grateful to have the opportunity to go, and grateful to this guy for keeping track of 5 kids while I rolled in mud then ran through the woods like a mad woman.  Thanks for taking the pictures too!