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Tuesday, July 16th, 2013



Now how do I get down?




Heirloom Gardening

Monday, July 15th, 2013



Been quite on the ole blog here for awhile, I know.  Mostly due to the fact that we are on the go all the time, caring for 4 kids leaves little time for anything else.

However, Saturday I had the day all to myself.  I attended a seminar about heirloom gardening at Rose Hill Plantation in the town of Union, SC.  Diving into history, gardening and photography was the perfect escape for me.


The long winding rode up to the mansion was lush and green like most of the state.  We have had so much rain I don’t remember the last time we had an entire day with out at least one downpour.  rosehill015

The house and grounds were charming



I was excited to learn about 1800’s kitchen gardens, located just outside of the kitchen, which is separate from the house in case of fires of course!  The lady of the house usually tends to these little gardens


It reminded me of my own “kitchen garden” which both are full of herbs to gather for fresh ingredients.  I did learn that since they did not have pest control back then, they would simply plant Zennia’s close to their garden.


The tiny flowers nestled in the larger flowers attract different varieties of “wasps” other than your paper wasps or scary stinging variety.  Like this little guy on the orange flower below.  They lay their eggs on any caterpillars eating your parsley and quickly eliminate the pesky critters eating their way into your fresh basil.


The Heirloom Vegetable garden on the property had bush beans, pole beans, tomatoes and cucumbers.  Heirloom vegetables come from seeds that are isolated by farmers that have been in cultivation since pre World War II.  Also, they are not the hybrid variety of seeds and plants you typically buy today.  You won’t find many of these in today’s big market seed companies, nor the vegetables in our own grocery stores.  Next week I get to attend a little festival at the speakers own farm where they actually grow and collect these type of vegetables.  He works for heirloom seed companies finding old varieties of seeds from all over the country.


This was the stack of books he brought, I couldn’t help but snap a picture so I could have a reference of where to start learning.  I’m pretty sure that this is the direction our own garden is going to go.  I love the idea of growing and eating something that is not available in the grocery stores.


So, I came home all full of knowledge that Harry was not prepared for then took a walk in my own garden.  This is pretty typical for what I will pull out on a daily basis. The lettuce, Kale and Beats were done, time to plant my fall garden in their place.


My gathering basket had eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, our first okra and black eyed peas!  I collected some fresh basil to make pesto for dinner and hydrangeas to fill my great grandmothers blue vase on the table.

Yeah, I feel like I’m walking in paradise.

What about you, know much about Heirloom Gardening?  Share with me if you do!

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