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First Friday – Art District

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

First Friday of the month means The Village of West Greenville is hoppin with food trucks and open art galleries.  We had planned to go before but timing just never seemed to work out.  This new part of town is being renovated to bring life back to old unoccupied warehouses and buildings along Pendelton street


So to those back home the idea of eating off of a taco truck doesn’t sound appealing, however after trying the famous ASADA tacos we were sold.  After all, this isn’t Texas.  We can’t get good cheap tacos on every corner here but we can follow a truck to the fun corners of Greenville where they park for the evening

Wherever these guys are  is an instant party.

fridayart010(that’s Harry at the front of the line!)

So while our tacos were on order I was able to check out a few local spots


This is one of my favorite places to wonder in Greenville, Knack Studios home to the Famous Barb Blair.  She is a furniture makeover guru.  Check out her site, the photos of her studio are swoon worthy!  What’s even better is she has a book out with all her furniture painting knowledge available to you. That’s my kinda art.

I love how the buildings themselves are canvas worthy.

 there were fun things to see everywhere…


I even got to browse while 4 little boys waved unceasingly through the window at me as if I were taking too long







I love how this community is revitalizing these old buildings into something to support local artist.



and for my own little “artsy” flair to add to the night…


What’s on the agenda for your weekend???


Band-aids mean Love

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

jonahbandaidbloghe is my “I Love You”