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John the Rabbit

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Choosing your friends is one of life’s greatest adventures.

Some are lifetime, some are seasonal others you just share short moments with and never see again.

Then, there are those that you just see sitting on a shelf in a store with a hefty price tag your mother is not willing to spend…but you lunge for it, hug it, sing to it knowing immediately it is what you have always been looking for.  A mother’s moment of weakness while shopping for the perfect gift for someone.

We stumbled across the little hare…just coming from the pediatrician receiving his 1 year vaccinations, how could I say no?

It truly was love at first sight, and I quickly realized that it would be impossible to separate the two.  The rabbit had his boy, and the boy had his rabbit.




I will no doubt spend the next several years, frantically searching for our dear friend John before bedtime, in times of sadness or when his boy is in need of a friend at his side only to be loved to pieces the way a true friend should be.


Quiet moments

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013