Grilliot 2013 Summer Activities

With only 8 official days left of school I have been busy planning our summer.  After talking with a friend about how I will engage the boys I figured I would just put it into a post.  My goal was to see as much of the local area as possible and keep the boys and myself unplugged all while encouraging them to keep learning…with out feeling like they are in school  *Warning* A lot of these links will lead to lots of lingering on these sites, but this is the Casa de Grilliot plan for this year in no particular order

1) This guy’s apps, They are awesome. No kidding. Totally worth the $1.99. (Thanks Amanda!)

2) Math – THIS along with some math apps for the iphone…(yes this one is plugged in)  Keeps their minds going it feels like video games but not…I want to make sure the boys don’t resent me for making them do 50 math problems everyday, but I want them to want to do something that is fun.

3) My Mom bought them a really nice telescope for their birthday, we started looking at the starts and nearby planets, very cool and amazing the conversations that start out of that.

4) THIS Swing! 

5) They started learning about the Revolutionary War at school and so I have LOTS of books for them to read on that. (this is a great reference…look at the videos too!) The awesome thing about living here is that so many of the battles took place right around here, I have lots of day trips planned to check out the battle grounds.  Along with that are many hiking trails in the mountains and to local waterfalls.

6) Speaking of History, we started Story of the World in HomeSchool and never finished it.  There is a workbook that goes along with it, it is really good.  You can choose to do the crafts etc or not but my boys loved building Nomad villages out of Legos and learning how humanity started living and ruling.  It is very interesting… 
7) Story Starters we need to work on our handwriting around here….so we will be writing some too.
8) We are all going to Art Journal

9) I know I have mentioned Letterboxing before  I have a backpack with our stamp journals and stamp box ready to go, I just add waterbottles and were off…If you have never done this, go do it, there are so many and it gets you all out in nature.  I know my boys love the hunt. And it’s free!  Just make sure you take a stamp pad and your own “family” stamp along with a book.  Each of my kids has their own book, I make them sit, journal about where we are what we see or making a leaf rubbing for the little ones.  It’s a nice break before heading back to the car.

10) I ordered this Summer Activities it’s full of great ideas for all my kids, would be for yours too…like water balloon baseball….just fun stuff.

11) We started reading The Mysterious Benedict Society, I am actually reading it out loud to the twins, if you haven’t YOU MUST read this to your kids…crazy thing, It makes them NOT want to watch TV and WANT to go to school….great summer book

12) Then there is the local stuff, live music every Friday night downtown, The Greenville Drive games, farmers market Saturday mornings followed by walking along the downtown river and swimming lessons at the YMCA
13) We have local farms to go blueberry, strawberry and peach picking…then we freeze or can them. 

This probably sounds like a lot, but this is what we will attempt to do, we won’t be bored for sure, anyone local want’s to join us let me know!!  Now I just need to make my daily schedule to keep up with it all!!


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