OMSH in Banff AB, Canada!

Dear  Emelie, Meredith and Kenny,  We were so excited to participate in your “Show Me the World Project” we headed to Banff, AB one of the most beautiful spots just about an hour away from where we temporarily live in Calgary, AB.  So we printed out OMSH, colored him in the car after lunch and made sure he had a good view of the mountains hanging by a juice label while we took a cat nap!

Here we are, Isaac on the left and Logan on the right.  Logan is one minute younger than Isaac 🙂

Right next to this spot was the Bow River.  It flows all the way down to Calgary.  They use to use the river to move lumber from some of the many forests we have here.  It’s getting pretty cold here…that white stuff is ice on the river starting to freeze over!

So up the mountain we went to give you a better view into the town site of Banff.

This is our little brother, he is still learning how to color and we had to tell him not to eat OMSH…

and the rest of our family

Just up the mountain a bit more is the Norquay ski area, in just a couple weeks this place will be filled with snow thrill seekers.  Skiing, Snowboarding, sledding and tubing down the mountain

Back into the town of Banff, there are lots of restaurants, souvenir shops and places to find warm drinks!

I guess you could say some people would like to get lost here..

And last but not least is the famous Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel when you kids grow up, get a great paying job then be sure to send your mom here on a vacation to thank her for the awesome job she does at everything!

Thanks for letting us be a part of this! 

The Texas Grilliots

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6 Responses to “OMSH in Banff AB, Canada!”

  1. Carla says:

    LOVE IT! That family picture has Christmas card written all OVER it! Hope you had fun showing OMSH a bit of Banff! Miss you guys.

  2. OMSH says:

    This is WONDERFUL! Oh wow, I’m so very honored!!! (And OMSH is too – she told me so.). Your photos are absolutely beautiful – great perspective.

    Hmmmm…makes me think I need an edible OMSH.
    Maybe in the future! HA!

  3. Sarah says:

    What a fun adventure. You boys are blessed to visit parts of the world that many of us may have never dreamed to see. What a great time!!! God bless.

  4. grandma says:

    Fun, fun. Great scenery. Was that first shot with the new lens? So much to see and do.

  5. nancypants says:

    I am LOVING how small the world is right now!! :^D Thanks for posting the pictures of my other home. I messaged Holly and Heather on FB just to tell them how it freaked me out to see a link to this person whom I’d already heard so many sweet things about on PW’s site. I think it’s two degrees of separation in two directions. Craziness.

    Was going to participate in the OMSH geography thing and get out to SF but we never made it… just too busy these days.

  6. nancypants says:

    Wait… that was terrible sentence construction. LOL (I’m such a homeschooler!) I obviously hadn’t heard sweet things about you previously on PW’s site but from Heather and Holly. ((rolling eyes at self))

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