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A Quiet Moment

January 6th, 2014


It seems like it has been forever since I have had a quiet moment to myself.  Bittersweet morning as the three older boys returned to school today, We hit the ground running, frantic to get out the door with shoes on, teeth brushed, coats buttoned, lunches packed, breakfast cleaned up and last minute hugs and kisses.

The drive to school is lovely in the morning here along the rolling hills we could see the snow clouds in the mountains today.  Although we had a great Christmas break it is still hard to get back into our routine.

Miles and I came home and like most mornings we have our little baby babble conversations, he eats breakfast, we play then he is off for his morning nap, of course he is exhausted. He has just spent most of the night keeping me awake.  One day, he WILL sleep through the night.

Along with the chaos of Christmas we decided to get a few renovations done to our house,  We are 4 weeks in and have about two weeks left.  I can’t wait to show you.  Our contractor is a stand still till we get more tile in so since there was no hammering to break the silence this morning, I actually got a few moments to myself.

So today I decided to share my breakfast with you.  If I eat the way I should, it looks something like this.  Dr. Furhman’s breakfast oatmeal.  The only thing missing here were the pecans to top it off with.  Not only is this a fortifying breakfast, it fills you up, lowers cholesterol, helps you lose weight and  sticks with you it even gives you super powers…no really.

1  2/3 Cup water

1/4 Cup oatmeal

2 Tbls Dried Cranberries

1/2 tsp Cinnamon

1/2 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice

bring all the above to a boil then add:

2 Cups frozen fruit (any kind will do)

1 Bananna

bring back to a boil then add

1 Apple chopped

You can let this all simmer if you like a soft oatmeal or just put in the apples before you eat for a bit of texture.

top with nuts.


It is crazy delicious and really good for you.  Perfect for a freezing cold morning to look out the window and be thankful for the silence.

Hope everyone is well, Happy New Year!


John the Rabbit

November 13th, 2013

Choosing your friends is one of life’s greatest adventures.

Some are lifetime, some are seasonal others you just share short moments with and never see again.

Then, there are those that you just see sitting on a shelf in a store with a hefty price tag your mother is not willing to spend…but you lunge for it, hug it, sing to it knowing immediately it is what you have always been looking for.  A mother’s moment of weakness while shopping for the perfect gift for someone.

We stumbled across the little hare…just coming from the pediatrician receiving his 1 year vaccinations, how could I say no?

It truly was love at first sight, and I quickly realized that it would be impossible to separate the two.  The rabbit had his boy, and the boy had his rabbit.




I will no doubt spend the next several years, frantically searching for our dear friend John before bedtime, in times of sadness or when his boy is in need of a friend at his side only to be loved to pieces the way a true friend should be.



Quiet moments

November 12th, 2013










October 21st, 2013

you are my first wish…








I am his audience…

October 2nd, 2013







First Friday – Art District

September 7th, 2013

First Friday of the month means The Village of West Greenville is hoppin with food trucks and open art galleries.  We had planned to go before but timing just never seemed to work out.  This new part of town is being renovated to bring life back to old unoccupied warehouses and buildings along Pendelton street


So to those back home the idea of eating off of a taco truck doesn’t sound appealing, however after trying the famous ASADA tacos we were sold.  After all, this isn’t Texas.  We can’t get good cheap tacos on every corner here but we can follow a truck to the fun corners of Greenville where they park for the evening

Wherever these guys are  is an instant party.

fridayart010(that’s Harry at the front of the line!)

So while our tacos were on order I was able to check out a few local spots


This is one of my favorite places to wonder in Greenville, Knack Studios home to the Famous Barb Blair.  She is a furniture makeover guru.  Check out her site, the photos of her studio are swoon worthy!  What’s even better is she has a book out with all her furniture painting knowledge available to you. That’s my kinda art.

I love how the buildings themselves are canvas worthy.

 there were fun things to see everywhere…


I even got to browse while 4 little boys waved unceasingly through the window at me as if I were taking too long







I love how this community is revitalizing these old buildings into something to support local artist.



and for my own little “artsy” flair to add to the night…


What’s on the agenda for your weekend???



Band-aids mean Love

September 3rd, 2013

jonahbandaidbloghe is my “I Love You”



Charleston, SC – Prelude to the Beach

August 12th, 2013


Well bring on the southern charm and gobs of history dating back to the 1700’s!  One of the great things about living in Greenville is that we have so many neat destinations within a short drive from us.  After a year of living here, having a baby, settling into an old house we finally made time for a visit to Charleston.

char014webAlthough we would have loved to stayed in a beach house to let the kids run wild we learned that we should have planned that like 8 months ago to get a decent place…so we stayed here instead.

char015The Hampton Inn, and all it’s modern accommodations, made our weekend trip pleasant.  It was also right across the street from the main information center and the free trolly stop, in addition to many hotel elevator rides.

Isn’t vacation thrilling?


char020Friday night we decided to try one of the local, famous, ridiculously long wait restaurants highly recommended by locals and guide books.

Hyman’s Seafood Co.

So, with 4 kids, we waited along with 50 other people who were just as hungry…


char017webWe checked out most of the street and the Hyman’s General Store to kill time, and practice our pirate faces


and trying our best to squirm out of Dad’s arms.

(Thanks for hanging on to squirmy while I took pictures Harry, you.are.the.best!)


Finally at our table we discovered it was a “good thing”

char021The food was indeed amazing, eating like the self-indulgent vacationers we were I ordered Shrimp and Grits my new favorite southern dish.

char026completely opposite of everything I should eat. Of course it was good!  It was smothered in butter, cheese and bacon, duh!

So after our 4 hour wait and 20 minute dinner we headed back for the night.  Logan has now taken to entertain the photographer in me with any bit of light he finds, even resorting to street light above ally-way trash cans.

 I love that kid

char025Saturday morning before we headed to the beach we walked around the famous King Street.






char046Wait, do you see a trend here?  Naa, me neither.

What little shopping we did, mostly to borrow their air conditioning and cool off a bit resulted in some sweet finds…


char024(Just kidding, Harry)  Yes the above pic is a very standard male outfit here.  I don’t think that husband of mine will ever wear pink shorts.  I tried to talk him into purchasing one of those belts unit we saw the $165 for the belt only.

Besides it’s not the belt that makes the man….


I always have kinda dug his cool daddy style…

Speaking of uniforms, thanks guys.  Always fun to see our local heros.


Next up was a bus tour of the historical area.  We like doing this in new places we go at least once to see what hidden gems we might want to check out later.


There are so many charming houses adorned by their amazing iron work gates.  Most of Charleston’s homes were built by slave labor.



And true to most of the homes in Charleston, some famous Revolutionary/Civil war character most likely lived here and it is haunted by his kid who died before the Deceleration of Independence was ever thought of for various reasons.  Sheesh, kids those days!

This is St. John the Baptist Catholic Cathedral


We also were able to visit the City Market which dates back to 1788…


where I’m sure they did not sell bacon soda at the time…


and be tempted to buy a kit to make She Crab Soup.


Overwhelmed at the amount of two additional ingredients we would have to add ourselves, we managed to find some already made for us at a yummy local restaurant without the long irritating wait (score!) before heading back on Sunday.


(great, his reaction to girls is getting weird.)


So grateful to be with all my guys…


next up, the making of National Park Jr. Ranger ‘s…


wild at the beach

August 8th, 2013



Like opening the flood gates on their adventurous side, our evening at the beach was a much needed release of their inner wild.


We spent the weekend in Charleston, SC and headed to Folly Beach Saturday evening.  We learned that it is much easier to have a place to stay on the beach rather than drag millions of pieces of sand back to your downtown hotel

Watching Miles explore the beach for the first time was pure bliss

He liked touching the sand, eating it was not as much fun


The twins were in the water and would not come out.  Pictures were kinda out of the question, they spent hours catching the waves


Jonah ran, laughed, played in the sand, ran from the waves, ran from my camera and laughed some more.




and hitched a ride when the twins offered


we apparently need to spend more time here


so very grateful for our family and where we live




at the beach…

August 7th, 2013

char002more to come